ahem pokemon xy anime

of course, im making notches on my bedpost counting the days

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yuno gasai yandere pose

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anyone who uses bakabt is a loser, off to search for torrents

take this one you banned-ass twerp

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wha some years ago I wanted to watch kamichu but there were no torrents/seeders are there now

there are



there’s also one that looks more or less alive on nyaa but it’d probably take decades

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let’s talk about anime you never really understood until the end, they were all fantastic

last night somebody asked me for a list of my fav anime, out of the 20 i could pull out of my ass i only understood like five

yeah give me lolis in tight bodysuits dammit

oh i forgot this season there’s one about loli basketballers in really tight shorts

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pokemon best wishes season 2

wrong answer i won’t list pokemon as my favourite anime until they make N wear a dress

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I do touch cats even though I shouldn’t so I can as well talk to you, you’re all gigantic assholes but kinda fluffy and kawaii so I can’t help it~…

that’s as close as i can get you to stop being tsundere, uwaaa c-cute… (ノ  ヾ) j-just get a dog already baka……

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*allergic to you

aww, just thinking about the sacrifices you need to make to hold this conversation makes me feel hope in humanity truly a hero of our time

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uwaa… a kitty……


if by feelings you mean anger and regret then yes

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RIGHT he got tons of one shots no one translates/no one knows about and everyone just goes Murata is such a god etc but no one actually cares this is sad

i’m so mAD most people who say that have read like two chapters of es21 or in the best case scenario that short manga about racing. don’t mean to sound like an five year old elitist in a sandbox, but there is so much more to murata than his most popular stuff, yet it gets overlooked so easily despite his popularity?ю???ю? but sigh that’s the case with most good things and i’m used to disappointments in the scanlation/translation department (gag manga.)

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made me pretty angry that no one cared for it before until it got translated, you don’t even need to understand anything to see it’s awesome

YEAH and i was pretty amazed that it barely got any coverage from anywhere?? like the last murata-related news i heard were actually not about opm, but about that magical girl oneshot he did (which is unsurprisingly impossible to find) wtf everyone sucks

here you go, happy♥birthday!Ą! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

here you go, happy♥birthday!Ą! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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get a life girl and give me some it was my birthday dammit!!!!!

whatever mom i’m doin homework like the nerd i am and OK W AIT i’ll customize one for you real quick