Ill never unfollow (uwu*)

i’m going to screencap this and sue you if you unfollow so careful there buddy

2000 ahaha…haha…ha

2000 ahaha…haha…ha

And making you spit is...good? Even if you give them away you should have fun with them while they're still there right? :) Hope you're enjoying this. :D

very good bless you anon

i tried to take a picture of the kitty but he started screaming really loud i am certain he was trying to summon satan

Black and white?KRAUSER SAMA! Detroit Metal Kitty?


call one of them baka gaijin

i’ll call YOU baka gaijin baka

Do all the kittens love you because u r part neko?

plEASE i am full time neko


(5 kittens?! so sweet! God job mommy cat:) Why not jaguar 1 to 5?

squeeEE that’d be cute but none of them look like the only jaguar that is relevant to me, b-blushuu

i need a name for a cat who is black and white, long haired, and will probably be an asshole, any ideas

Congratulations on the little kittens! Have fun naming them! :D (anime names yes/yes?)

thank!! we aren’t going to keep all of them so there’s really no point in naming them, also i’m bad at naming so i have a feeling the kittens’ names will be kitten #1, kitten #2, kitten #3, kitten #4 and kitten #5

how did you add that kitty on your blog?! it's so cute!
Anonymous here!! pick a kitty and just follow the instructions

if ya put a picture up of yourself then i'll draw your fav anime :-)

i’m lauhging so hard what am i a hooker who sells herself for anime pictures

You read saint young men? Excellent! :D

SCREAMS i love saint young men

you amuse me - w -

my 6am blogging amuses me as well until i open my blog the next day and drown in feelings of shame and regret

post some of the gendo and uwaaah please

wah gomen i almost went to bed there

ok, in a sec ^_~

HNGGG HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR GIFS SO AWESOME?. like all the ichigo mashimaro ones.. theyre all so high quality... do you have a speciallll program for making them or is it like. your skills? heahah

eeeehhhh my latest gifs are pretty shit quality but i tend to prefer the quantity of frames to overall looks
i just use photoshop cs5, gifmaking takes a lot of practice and/or weekly sacrifices to satan

did you drop hyouka because it was boring

when watching a show with super fancy animation, i always imagine what it would be like if it had worse art
fo me personally hyouka would be nothing without its visuals since i’m not a fan of detective(?????) stories, the types of characters presented in the show, and most of all school premises so
it was indeed boring