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Katsuhiro Otomo’s Watermelon Messiah. There is a high-res copy of the truncated version of this story that appeared in ‘KABA’ and a very low-res copy of the full version which you can’t get anymore. Anyway, I stitched the two together.

UPDATE: I found pictures of how this comic originally appeared in a special edition of Young Magazine (September 14, 1981), so I added ‘em to the bottom. It appeared in this foldout 655 x 250 dimension format. The story was introduced with the text:

"In the distant future, the starving and thirsty people of a devastated civilisation witness a messiah from a distant planet."

where have you been missy

helo. right here. doing nothing. spending the week being lazy at home w/ cats. gonna watch mlb for the first/last time ever now. later

a message from me to you

a message from me to you


I’m continually wowed by Otomo’s flair for architecture, landscape, interior design, lighting … his environments are really something special, showcasing his intricate linework and a highly dramatic sense of form.

Here are some of the key locations of Akira, issues #1-16.

I don’t get it when people say I wanna go to Europe I mean as a European you gotta be more specific because there’s a major difference between Denmark and Greece so which part of fucking Europe do you wanna go to